Language Builder ARIS offers clearly written lessons, as well as the physical photo and manipulative materials you need to implement the lessons with your students.


The 202 ARIS lessons are divided into 2 sturdy boxes:

      • The first box of 93 lessons offers Stage 1 introductory and prerequisite lessons.
      • The second box of 109 lessons covers Stage 2 higher-level content and activities.
ARIS Lessons are presented in folders, allowing you to conveniently store a student's data sheets and flash cards for lessons they are currently working on.


More About Language Builder: ARIS

TEACHING: Easy, immediate educator access to lesson plans and physical teaching tools needed to meet classroom learning goals, creating a clear system to advance young students with moderate to severe ASD through academic, social, and functional skills development. ARIS saves you time and frustration, because everything you need is in one system. You spend less time searching for appropriate materials and more time teaching. 

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Optional on-site ARIS training and implementation guide plus unlimited virtual support from Stages will ensure that ARIS in implemented and utilized to its highest potential. 

SHARING: Facilitated parent-teacher interaction and a system for sharing digital lessons and feedback with each other.


ARIS was developed by the team at Stages Learning Materials to specifically meet the needs of students with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the teachers that work with them. It is also appropriate for inclusive classrooms and teachers working with students with a range of developmental and cognitive disabilities. Read more about our line of products' numerous awards and media features here.

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Developing ARIS

The creation of the Language Builder Academic Readiness Intervention System curriculum is the culmination of a dream for me. For the past 21 years, Stages has offered the tools (cards, blocks, and manipulatives) that educators need to work with children on the Autism spectrum. My ultimate goal for Stages has always been to tie all of the materials together with a comprehensive curriculum ensuring you never have to spend time looking for teaching tools, when that time would be better spent working with your students. 

Developing the ARIS curriculum has been a huge undertaking. Currently 7 talented people are working on the project -- 2 ABA therapists, 2 editors, one graphic design professional, and one project manager. The complexity of writing, editing, designing and perfecting 202 lessons has taken longer than we initially expected, and it's worth the extra time. It is critical to us that we put out a quality product which meets the needs of our users and students. 

I truly can't wait to see Language Builder: ARIS in use in classrooms, and improving outcomes for students. 


Angela Nelson, JD, Ed.M

Founder and President of Stages Learning Materials
Creator of the Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System

The Research Effectiveness of Language Builder® ARIS

The Research Effectiveness of the Language Builder® Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS)

The Language Builder Picture Cards and the new ARIS complete curriculum set have been designed to reflect research based best practices to support teachers and specialists in helping children with autism develop language and social skills in order to foster independence and success. ARIS uses ABA treatment strategies and provides teachers, SLPs and BCBAs with everything they need to walk into an instructional setting and focus on the learning needs of their students. By developing an inclusive curriculum that is built on twenty Evidence Based Best Practices recommended by the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorder, teachers, therapists and their students will experience positive outcomes in skill development. Read our full white paper here.