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Thousands of Pictures: Never Search for the Right Picture Cards Again


Stages Learning Materials grew from a single set of picture cards... the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards. Our flashcard line grew to include occupations, emotions, verbs, sequencing, opposites, prepositions and more.

More than 90% of our pictures were taken specifically for our card sets, and we utilize stock images as little as possible. Why is this important? Because we take our own images, we can control the subjects, backgrounds, cropping and other visual features, assuring they are appropriate to the unique needs of students on the autism spectrum.

We do utilize stock images when we need to. It turns out that getting a Picture of an astronautpicture of an astronaut in space is a bit difficult.

When we use stock images, we go to great lengths to curate the best images, and we painstakingly edit the images, to crop out confusing backgrounds and make the subject matter as clear as possible.

ARIS includes all of the flashcard sets in our popular Language Builder Picture Card Series.

Language Builder Picture Noun Cards

350 Cards: Animals, Foods, Furniture, Vehicles, Clothing, Toys, Everyday Objects Shapes & Colors

Language Builder Occupations Cards

115 Cards: Includes male & female images for each job, with diversity of age, race, ethnicity & gender

Language Builder Emotions Cards

80 Cards: Half feature 8 different actors showing 5 basic emotions, and half depict more complex scenarios

Language Builder Picture Nouns 2

354 Cards: Expanded vocabulary includes body parts, animals, foods, vehicles, everyday objects, safety signs & more

Language Builder Sequencing Cards

115 Cards: 21 different story sequences portraying boys, girls, men & women in various daily activities

Language Builder Verb Cards

230 Cards: Diversity-focused images portray a variety of race, age, ethnicity & gender. Multiple examples of many verbs