Write-on Wipe-off Lesson Folders

202 Comprehensive Lesson Folders

Inside ARIS Lesson Folder

ARIS Lessons are presented in folders, allowing you to conveniently store a student's data sheets and flashcards for the lessons you are working on next.

Each lesson folder includes Objectives, Suggested Materials, Location, Preparation, Procedures, Standards, Prerequisites & Next Steps, Lesson Progression, Generalization, a less formal Whole-Child Lesson, Suggested Prompts, and a customized Data Keeping Sheet.

A great deal of thought went into planning the content and format of ARIS Lesson Folders to make them as convenient to use as possible.

Each of the lesson features is carefully designed for visual simplicity, so it is easy to follow at a glance. Folders are “write on, wipe off” so you can take notes on the fly.