ARIS Manipulatives

Blocks & Figurines for 3D-2D Matching

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Early language acquisition begins with the ability to understand objects as distinct and separate. Before learning that pictures represent real items (picture-object correspondence), children learn to match actual physical objects. This is a regular part of developmentally healthy play.

Next, when children master the skill of matching a 3D object to a 2D image, they understand that a 2D image can represent an actual object. Now you can use pictures to teach a variety of new language and functional skills!

ARIS includes 3 kits with 16 3D figurines for matching. Each figurine style also has paired flashcards for matching the 3D object to its corresponding 2D picture. That's 48 figurines with 48 flaschards.

ARIS also includes a block imitation kit with 40 wooden blocks and 120 cards depicting 1-block to 40-block structures. Students practice fine motor skills and attention as they recreate the structures in the picture cards.

Several of the cards depict creative structures such as a bed, a train and a dinosaur, creating a perfect way to practice pretend play skills.

The blocks are paired to a free app with hundreds more structures included, as well as a fun timer game.

colorful wooden blocks

Everyday Objects 3D-2D Matching Kit

2 each of 8 different everyday object figurines: cups, bowls, spoons, shoes, balls, flowers, beds & chairs

Foods 3D-2D Matching Kit

2 Each of 8 realistic plastic foods include apples, bananas, carrots, corn, broccoli, cookies, bread & oranges

Animals 3D-2D Matching Kit

2 each of 8 different animals: lions, giraffes, cows, pigs, horses, dogs, cats & birds, with corresponding picture cards

Language Builder Block Imitation Kit

40 colorful wooden blocks with 100 random structure cards and 20 pretend play structure cards