Wooden Cube Puzzles

Putting together a wooden cube puzzle helps to develop the ability to reason, deduce, analyze, and sequence. And, putting together preschool puzzles directly effects logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Physically, the wooden puzzle cubes provide practice for hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Emotionally puzzle play teaches grit, perseverance, growth mindset and character. 
And... Puzzles are fun! 

Each side of the beautifully photographed solid wood cube puzzles forms a different picture… so the Stages' Real Life Learning Cube Puzzles are like getting 6 different puzzles for the price of one!

Our wood picture puzzles follow common early childhood themes, including food puzzles or nutrition puzzles, community helper puzzles, farm animal puzzles, and more! Wooden cube puzzles are also make great occupational therapy puzzles, and are great puzzles for other special needs therapies, as they are easier to push together... not requiring high fine motor skills to pick up the small pieces.