Preschool Games

Playing games and putting together puzzles are an excellent way to teach a variety of skills. Preschool games are loaded with learning opportunities. For preschoolers, even the most traditional games like Bingo or the Memory Game can be given new life by including real photos for theme-based learning. Playing easy preschool games or early childhood games can teach:

  • vocabulary skills
  • grouping and sorting
  • letter recognition and reading
  • color recognition
  • fine-motor coordination dexterity

    But perhaps most important, playing games teaches preschoolers important social skills such as communication, sharing, taking turns, and waiting. Preschool games build focus and attention, and provide opportunity for valuable interactions among family members and school mates! All Stages Learning Games feature Real Photos as suggested by the NAEYC to create an engaging learning atmosphere ... and to qualify for NAEYC certification. For ideas on implementing learning games in the classroom, visit our Blog!