Emotions Education

Parents and educators often struggle to help children with autism communicate their feelings. When children with autism have trouble recognizing and communicating how they feel, it may contribute to inappropriate behaviors such as tantruming and aggression, or even increased social withdrawal. If our kids could tell us how they feel, they would be less frustrated, and we would be better able to help solve their dissatisfaction.

The products in this collection provide great visual material to help you teach children with autism and related disorders to recognize and process their emotions.

Happy Face Mirror
Happy Face Mirror $ 59.00
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How Do I Feel Today? Mirror
How Do I Feel Today? Mirror $ 59.00
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Language Builder: Emotion Cards
Language Builder: Emotion Cards $ 34.99
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Look At Me Mirror Boards
Look At Me Mirror Boards $ 22.75
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Mood Mirrors 5-Pack
Mood Mirrors 5-Pack $ 209.00
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Positive Interactions Puzzle
Positive Interactions Puzzle $ 19.99
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Sad Face Mirror
Sad Face Mirror $ 59.00
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Stages Learning Gift Card
Stages Learning Gift Card from $ 10.00
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Surprise And Wonder Mirror
Surprise And Wonder Mirror $ 59.00
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