Stages Releases New Interactive Books for Early Literacy

Stages Learning Materials, creators of the top-selling autism education product, the Language Builder Picture Cards, has just released new interactive books designed to provide early literacy by providing an engaging interactive experience for young learners. 


CAMBRIDGE, MA – October 17, 2016

The newest product released by Stages Learning Materials is “Link4Fun Books.” These books are printed children’s picture books that are placed next to an iPad or tablet to provide synchronized interactive content. As the young reader turns a page the action triggers the device to display digital content that compliments the content of the physical book and provides an interactive and engaging learning experience. 


The Link4Fun Books collection includes books for children ages two and older. The initial set includes wild animals, farm animals, and family pets that can be seen, heard, and that provide interactive experiences such as feeding an animal, choosing to learn more about where an animal lives or tapping a word to get a definition.


“We were really fortunate to be able to tap into a team of graduate students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to use cutting edge technology to design these new books that combine the benefits of print with the excitement and engagement technology can provide,” said CEO of Stages Learning Materials Angela Nelson. “Our new Link4Fun Books were designed using research-based best practices on emergent literacy and preschooler engagement.” 


The new Link4Fun Books are enhanced e-books that are developmentally appropriate and adhere to recommendations set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children to support emergent literacy, provide engagement that allows children to persevere in their learning activities, and provide opportunities to foster fine motor skills and support the natural kinesthetic learning preferences of young children. These new book/iPad hybrids allow for an engaging experience for young readers to develop experiences with printed books and to develop new literacies that allow for a transactional relationship between author and reader. 


About Stages Learning Materials

Stages Learning Materials was founded by a UCLA-trained ABA Therapist in 1997, when autism diagnoses first began to rise. Its top-selling autism education product, the Language Builder Picture Cards, was designed to specifically meet the learning needs of the individual with autism. The Language Builder Series has become a staple in home and school programs across the world. Today, Stages offers a full range of real photo-based products as well as numerous Apps including the Language Builder App. Visit for more information.


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