The Similar Matching activity teaches students to match pictures which portray the same word, but with a different image. This drill helps students to generalize from the therapeutic setting to a more realistic environment. Students will see that apples can be red or yellow, whole or cut, but are still apples! Because each of the 15 Basic Stage Words come with 6 similar images, there are plenty of chances for practice.

Getting Started

The settings for this activity are very similar to the Identical Matching activity. To choose words and settings for the Similar Matching Activity, go to the settings menu using the link at the top right of the Main Menu (1), and choose Similar Matching from the left side menu (2).


Word List

The Similar Matching Activity Word List comes with 90 images from the Language Builder Basic Stage Set (6 examples of 15 different words).


To select the words you want your student to practice in the similar matching drill, tap the Word List Menu (1) on the top right of the Similar Matching Settings Screen. The menu will expand to show all of the words with thumbnail previews.


As in the Identical Matching Activity, at the bottom of the word list you can choose to view the words alphabetically or by category (2). When in category view, tap the word to expand or contract the category.


To select a word as a TARGET word, tap the word once and a check-mark will appear. To select a word as a DISTRACTOR word, tap the word twice and a D will appear.


More on Target & Distractor words: click here.


From the settings menu you can control multiple aspects of how the cards present to the students in the activities. Besides the ability to control which words you use for Target Cards and Distractor Cards, you can control the number of cards which appear in the field of choices, and the order and positions in which the cards will appear. You can control how your student is prompted after incorrect answers. And, if you scroll down the menu, as shown on the right, you will be given the option to control which instructions and positive and negative reinforcement you child will receive.


Skip Activity Option
The Skip Activity switch lets you turn off or on a feature which will present an arrow at the bottom of the screen where you can advance past a trial if your student gets stuck.

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