Spiky Tactile Cushion


The Spiky Tactile Cushion improves both posture and focus. The cushion is "spiky" on one side and "bumpy" on the other - choose the tactile input that your child prefers. You can use the cushion for active seating or for balance training.

The Spiky Tactile Cushion encourages kids to wiggle, which has been shown to improve concentration and attention for children with autism, ASD or ADHD, while encouraging them to stay in place and focus.

  • Soft tactile spikes and smooth bumps encourage exploration
  • Great for children with attention deficit disorder and sensory processing issues
  • Ages 4 - preteen

Ideas for Use

The cushion is strong enough for regular use during therapy, as part of an obstacle course, or for seating during homework or classwork time. Occupational Therapists love to use the cushion for standing, to work on balance with their students.

Getting Started

Air adjustable to inflate as much or as little as you need. Comes inflated and does not require pumping.


  • One side has tactile spikes 1/4 inch apart, other side has smooth slightly raised bumps
  • Cushion can be inflated to 4.25"
  • 13" diameter
  • Made from PVC
  • Latex-free

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