Language Builder ARIS Full Autism Curriculum


Based on the principles of ABA therapy, and adapted for the classroom, Language Builder: Academic Readiness Intervention System (ARIS) combines the tried and true Language Builder Picture Card sets with Language Builder Blocks, 2D-3D manipulatives, lesson plans, data keeping sheets, home communication sheets, and comprehensive program manual.  These tools create the most complete Early Autism Education curriculum available today. 

Language Builder Picture Cards from Stages Learning Materials have been a staple in Autism, ABA and Special Needs programs for more than 20 years. Numerous research studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Language Builder Materials in the classroom. Finally, you can get one full ABA and autism curriculum kit with 100% of the Language Builder Materials, lessons, manipulatives, and behavior management tools you need! Read more about ARIS on our site here.

The full ARIS includes:

  1. 202 Lesson Plans, in easy to use folders with materials list, objectives, methods & differentiation tips
  2. 100+page program manual with scope & sequence, data keeping sheets customized to specific lessons, home communication sheets,  reproducible activity sheets, behavior management tips & system, research basis, and more. 
  3. Language Builder Picture Noun Cards (350 Cards)
  4. Language Builder Picture Nouns 2 (200 Cards) 
  5. Language Builder Occupation Cards (116 Cards) 
  6. Language Builder Emotion Cards (80 Cards) 
  7. Language Builder Sequencing Cards (115 Cards)
  8. Language Builder Verb Cards (230 Cards)
  9. Language Builder Blocks (120 Cards, 40 Colored Wooden Blocks) 
  10. Language Builder Blocks App for iPad
  11. Language Builder 3D-2D Animal Matching Set 
  12. Language Builder 3D-2D Foods Matching Set 
  13. Language Builder 3D-2D Everyday Objects Matching Set
  14. Optional Professional Develpment: on-site training for implementation of  Language Builder ARIS.
  15. Unlimited virtual support via email, phone and text.

This is truly the most complete Autism Education System available. You have trusted Language Builder for years... ARIS Autism Curriculum is the next step! Learn more here.

The Full ARIS Curriculum will be ready in Summer 2019. Pre-orders will receive select components immediately, and remaining components as they become available. Currently available components include Language Builder Nouns 1 & 2, Occupations, Emotions, Sequencing, Verbs, Blocks with Blocks App, and 3D-2D Foods, Animals and Everyday Object Matching Sets.


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