Attribute Apples


How do you like them apples? Well, we happen to think they’re not only a bushel of fun, but a great educational tool, too. From asking children to move the red apple when presented with a green and red apple to classifying and replicating patterns, there’s a lot these little apples can do. And while we can’t guarantee that one of these apples a day will keep the doctor away, we do think boredom will be kept at bay. 

Benefits and Highlights

  • Sort and classify apples by five attributes, including size, color (green, yellow, and red) and physical features (stem, leaf, worm)
  • Supports tactile and visual learners
  • Supports receptive and expressive language development
  • Includes an activity guide featuring suggested uses and Venn diagram activities for higher-order thinking skills

Dimensions and Specifications

  • Largest apple measures 1-3/4" in diameter
  • Includes 27 apples
  • Bucket for easy storage and organization management included

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