Verb Cards

We get quite a few inquiries for Verb Cards. We are working on a verb card set and hope to have it ready in about 6 months. Until then, there are a few of our products that have images which depict some verbs:

Occupation Cards

Our Occupation Card set includes images of various jobs and community helpers, many of whom are engaged in an activity which could be used to practice verbs. For example, our Basketball Players are "running" and "bouncing the ball," our Chef is "cooking," our Artist is "painting," our Singer is "singing," and our Race Car Driver is "driving."

Emotion Cards

Our Emotion Card Set has 80 cards. Half (40) of the cards show just a single actor from the chest up depicting a basic emotion (happy, sad, angry, surprised and disgusted. These image could be used for verbs like "smiling" or "frowning." The other half of the cards show multiple actors engaged in different scenarios. Many of these images show actions such as "reading," "writing," "arguing," "sleeping," "sharing," "playing a game," or "dancing."

Health Habits Cube Puzzle

Each of our cube puzzles come with 6 "fun fact cards." Many of these cards will work well to teach Verbs. The Healthy Habits Cube Puzzle includes "washing hands," "tying shoes," "sleeping," "eating," "setting the table/helping," and "brushing teeth."

Active Kids Cube Puzzle

The Active Kids Cube Puzzle includes "skating," "riding a bike," "jumping rope," "playing soccer," "practicing karate," and "running."

Positive Interactions Cube Puzzle

The Positive Interactions Cube Puzzle includes "reading," "sharing tea/drinking," "building a boat," "baking/making cookies," "planing a tree," "putting together a puzzle."