Language Builder: ARIS ~ The most complete autism education curriculum available

Based on the principles of ABA therapy, and adapted for the classroom, Language Builder: Academic Readiness
Intervention System ... or ARIS for short... combines the trusted Language Builder Picture Card sets with 3D manipulatives,
detailed lesson plans, black-line masters for various activity sheets, a system for record keeping, and custom
home communication forms, for the most complete Early Autism Education curriculum available today.

With all of these materials conveniently assembled in place, you have the most organized and easy-to implement early autism education classroom kit available. Language Builder ARIS lets you spend less time planning lessons and searching for materials, and more time teaching! Click here to request more information about Language Builder ARIS.

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Who is ARIS for?


The Language Builder ARIS program is anchored in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and adapted to be easily implemented by educators without formal ABA training. 

The lessons in ARIS follow a standards-based learning progression created by correlating to:

• Common Core Standards
• Head Start Framework

ARIS lets educators adapt the lessons to individual students and to a variety of learning environments, while ensuring that there are no gaps in the student’s progress toward academic readiness.

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What Educators Are Saying About ARIS

ARIS makes so much sense! To have everything all in one place combined with the manual and all the materials you need to teach any lesson. This is so much easier than having to gather everything together and track down photos. This doesn’t exist anywhere else - the complete set. In the past we would have a collection of lessons and then we would have to dig up the materials on Amazon and the costs really added up.

ARIS is the only curriculum for autism that I know of that connects learning to all the different standards - ABLLS, VB-MAPP, Common Core, and Head Start. It helps teach the teacher both how to do ABA and also gets us all familiar with what is in the other assessment standards. This is a bonus!

Also, our BCBA was particularly happy to find that the manual covered establishing effective reinforcers and behavior momentum and loved the information about supporting learning. The manual is really useful for all our teachers.

~ Stephanie Hicks, Team Leader/Teacher Coordinator

How is aris organized

Language Builder ARIS offers clearly written lessons, as well as the physical photo and manipulative materials you need to implement the lessons with your students. The 202 ARIS lessons are divided into 2 boxes of 93 and 109 lessons each. The first box offers Stage 1 introductory and prerequisite lessons.The second box covers Stage 2 higher-level content and activities.

The Lessons in each ARIS Box are divided into 7 categories:

1. Approaches to Learning, 2. Language, 3. Social Emotional, 4. Functional Routines, 5. Motor Skills, 6. Reading & Writing Readiness, 7. Math Readiness

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202 lesson folders

ARIS Lessons are presented in folders, allowing you to conveniently store a student's data sheets and flash cards for the lessons you are working on next.

Each lesson folder includes Objectives, Suggested Materials, Location, Preparation, Procedures, Standards, Prerequisites & Next Steps, Lesson Progression, Generalization, A less formal Whole-Child Lesson, Suggested Prompts, and a Customized Data Keeping Sheet.

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Lesson List:
Lessons are organized into categories and subcategories with each lesson providing specific skills and content that a student will have mastered on completion of the curriculum. Each of the 7 categories is assigned adifferent color. Each category contains subcategories of content, and each lesson is numbered in the order it should go in the boxes. Lessons number 1 - 93 are in Box 1, and Lessons number 94 - 202 are in Box 2.

The Structured Sequence Guide offers suggested sequences in which students may best progress through the lessons.

Standards Correlations:
Where appropriate, the lessons in Language Builder ARIS are correlated to the Head Start Framework, Common Core Curriculum, VB-MAPP and ABLLS-R.

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