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The Language Builder App from Stages Learning is based on the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards, Sets 1 & 2, which are used by BCBA’s, SLP’s Teachers and Parents to teach basic language skills to children with autism or related developmental challenges.

Including 6 ABA-Based Activities for Children with Autism


Identical Matching


Similar Matching


Receptive Matching


Expressive Labeling


Picture ID



One-of-a-Kind Interactivity

The Basic Language Builder® App from Stages Learning includes 90 Basic Stage images, with 500+ words available for purchase by category. Language Builder Pro comes complete with all 600+ words, including Animals, Foods, Transportation, Furniture, Clothing, Toys, Everyday Objects, Insects, Sea Life, Musical Instruments, Tools, Body Parts, Safety Sign, Shapes and Colors.


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The Language Builder from Stages app is designed for use with children with Autism who are preverbal or who are learning their first several hundred words. The app includes drills for Identical Matching, Similar Matching (generalization), Receptive Labeling, Expressive Labeling, repetition of Picture Identification, and Sorting/Categorization. If your student is past these concepts the app may be too low level for your needs. The app is designed for use in home, therapy, and educational settings.

The Language Builder from Stages app is designed to help automate the process of Discrete Trial Training (DTT). The program provides consistent question -- response -- reinforcement trials with built-in prompting. You have the ability to choose the words that your child is familiar with and add words as they learn. However, a basic understanding of ABA or DTT curriculum is very useful. If you do not feel comfortable with selecting the correct word sequences for your child, it is best you consult with a trained therapist or educator.

It is better to consider the developmental and language level of the student, rather than his or her chronological age. The Language Builder from Stages app is designed to teach basic language skills to students who have limited or no receptive or expressive vocabulary or who are struggling to identify words consistently. That being said, the app is most commonly used for students who are 3 to 7 years old.

Students who already have a large vocabulary can benefit from the maintenance aspect of the app and from the categorization skills taught within the sorting activity. However, in general, the app is best for students whose language skills are more limited.

All of the words included in the app are nouns.
The basic version includes 90 Basic Stage images: 6 Apples, 6 Cookies, 6 Cats, 6 Birds, 6 Shoes, 6 Shirts, 6 Airplanes, 6 Cars, 6 Chairs, 6 Beds, 6 Balls, 6 Bicycles, 6 Flowers, 6 Cups, and 6 Spoons. With these images, you can do all of the Identical Matching and the Similar Matching activities, and you can do the remaining activities (Receptive Labeling, Expressive Labeling, Picture Identification, and Sorting) with 15 additional words (90 total images).
The Pro Version contains over 600 words from the categories of Animals, Foods, Transportation, Furniture, Clothing, Toys, Everyday Objects, Insects, Sea Life, Musical Instruments, Tools, Body Parts, Safety Sign, Shapes and Colors. The PRO version also gives you the ability to create your own flashcards for use in the activities.

The app is designed to do the same activities that most therapists and educators do with the Language Builder Cards: Identical Matching, Similar Matching, Receptive Labeling, Expressive Labeling and Sorting. The app simply offers a digital alternative, which may be more enticing to some students. The app also has a "Picture Identification" activity which allows the student to scroll through images and hear the word paired with the picture... a good passive vocabulary acquisition activity.

Yes! You can now create unlimited student accounts, save the settings for each student, and track their progress with extensive record keeping.

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