The Language Builder from Stages App is based on the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards, Sets 1 & 2. Used by BCBA’s, SLP’s Teachers and Parents to teach basic language skills to children with autism, speech language delay or special needs, the app includes 6 ABA-based activities with customizable presentations.


Settings allow you to choose speech or text commands, card positionsprompts and prompt fadingtarget and distractor wordsreinforcers, and you can create unlimited users, save lessons for each user, and generate reports on user progress.


  • The FREE app includes 90 Basic Stage images, to use in the Identical Matching & Similar Matching activities.
  • The Basic app includes 90 Basic Stage images, with 500+ words available for purchase by category to use in all six activities.
  • The Pro version of the App includes all 600+ words, and gives you the ability to add unlimited images to create your own flashcards to use in the activities.

Getting Started

Each of the 6 activities will default to start with the word ‘Apple.” The word will be presented alone, with no distractors. To choose additional target words and distractor words, as well as positioningcommandsprompts and reinforcers, go to the settings menu. After choosing your settings, begin the drill by returning to the home screen and selecting the desired activity.


Each activity starts with a Demo. The demo screen says "How to Play" at the top. This is just a quick visual to show the basic motion of dragging and dropping a card or tapping a card to select. If you do the motion once it will bring up a button that says "Start Game." this will take you into actual play mode and use the settings that you programmed.



From the main menu, access the settings screen from the link at the top right.


General Settings

The general settings will allow you to set the volume for the audio function on the app. Use this to set the volume for all activities. You will be able to access the About section and the Help menu from the general settings.


Activity-Specific Settings

On the left hand side of the Settings screen is a list of the 6 activities for which you can choose settings. The setting choices vary a bit for each activity. Details for each of the activity settings are found under the activity descriptions. The video to the right gives a good overview of how the settings function

Skip Activity Option:The Skip Activity switch lets you turn off or on a feature which will present an arrow at the bottom of the screen where you can advance past a trial if your student gets stuck.

Additional Settings:

Positioning and Repetition


Instructions & Reinforcement

Word Lists

The word lists allow you to choose your Target words (the word the student is actually practicing) and your Distractor words for the Identical and Similar Matching, and Receptive Labeling activities.


  • When you touch a card once in the word list, it will get a check mark next to it indicating it is a TARGET CARD.
  • To include DISTRACTOR CARDS in the field, touch the word in the list twice.


By selecting separate TARGET CARDS and DISTRACTOR CARDS you have the ability to distinguish which cards your student is actually practicing and which cards are the distractors.


The Expressive Labeling, Picture ID and Sorting activities use only TARGET words.


You can view the word lists either Alphabetically or by Category by selecting the view at the bottom of the word list. Specific functionality of the Word List is found under each of the activity descriptions.


For more on TARGET and DISTRACTOR words click here.


Including 6 ABA-Based Activities for Children with Autism


Identical Matching


Similar Matching


Receptive Matching


Expressive Labeling


Picture ID