Snug Vest

Included with a purchase of Snug Vest:

  • inflatable vest
  • hooded garment
  • 1 hand pump

Snug Vest™ is an inflatable vest for providing Deep Pressure Therapy. Firm pressure to the torso helps to relieve anxiety as well as increase focus and attention, and is especially effective for individuals with high levels of anxiety, stress, or with sensory disorders.

Pressure is evenly distributed in Snug Vest™ throughout the sides, shoulders, and back of the torso to give a hug-like squeeze. Snug Vest™ inflates easily with an attachable hand pump, and safe adjustable pressure can be administered to the exact amount the user needs. 

How is Snug Vest different?

  • Does not inhibit mobility and is not cumbersome  
    • Gives the user independence to self-administer pressure
    • Easy to adjust pressure in small increments
    • Easy to put-on and remove but not necessary to remove
    • Does not place pressure on the stomach or chest
    • Fashionable and discreet promoting dignity
    • Can be worn almost anywhere, any time
    • Gives evenly-distributed pressure to the torso
    • Is adjustable to grow with child or fit multiple users
    • Is easy to wash
    • Avoids habituation with the ability to vary the pressure. (Habituation is when the body gets used to repeated exposure of a stimulus such as pressure).

Snug Vest is hooded for blocking out light and overwhelming distractions to aid in calming, and pockets
provide a further sense of comfort. The stylish vest is discrete and promotes inclusion. Adjusting in the length 
and width, Snug Vest™ can grow with the user or be worn in a therapy setting for various sized users. Snug Vest™ uses patent pending cutting-edge welding technology construction methods and
 safety mechanisms to provide evenly-distributed and safe pressure to the body.

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