Learn-N-Lean Wedge Cushion


The Learn-N-Lean Wedge Cushion helps students sit up and focus, so they are ready to learn.

This seat cushion puts children into an "active" sitting position -  pelvis at a slight "anterior tilt" ( i.e. tilted forward) with the chest and shoulders encouraged to open up to a more alert and engaged learning position. 

One side of the cushion is smooth and the other is bumpy, giving you an option for tactile input. The wedge shape also offers a wonderful seating alternative for people who seek movement or have poor body awareness.

For extra balance practice, you can increase or decrease the amount of air in the cushion, and try using it in either a sitting or standing position. The Lean-N-Learn Wedge cushions are an ideal choice for children with sensory processing and focus challenges, as the subtle movement will create a filter from over stimulation and encourage focused attention. Use at home, in the classroom or clinic. 

  • Increase or decrease the amount of air you place inside for the perfect seating arrangement
  • Easily inflatable by mouth, straw or using a hand pump
  • Deflate the cushion by pulling out the white stem
  • Choose from 2 sizes: Ages 4-10 (10"x10") & Ages 8-Preteen (13"x13")
10"x10" Cushion: 
Cushion can be blown up until 5" high. 
Color: Green
13"x13" Cushion:
Cushion can be blown up until 4" high.
Color: Blue
  • Made from PVC
  • Latex-free

So why sit still when you can move and learn!


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